Flortec Renovate

Traditionally the process of replacing office flooring would incur significant disruption and cost due to the removal of furniture, office equipment, IT and not to mention staff downtime which would often render the replacement of flooring impractical.

The Solution…

Flortec Renovate – Our high-quality live office carpet replacement service which enables flooring replacement without moving furniture and the associated costs and disruption!

How it works..

We attend your offices to survey the area as well as the furniture and equipment within the workspace, this will allow us to provide a detailed quotation and programme of works.

Once we have agreed a programme our operatives will attend the premises outside of office hours and using specialist lifting equipment, we will elevate any office furniture by a few millimetres allowing for removal of your existing flooring and replacement with new.

We bring and unload all new materials with us on the day, and all uplifted and waste material is removed from site for environmentally conscious disposal.

This seamless process will allow staff to leave their desks at the end of their shift and return to work the next day with carpets replaced. No need for any equipment to be moved or disconnected!

Typically, we can complete up to 250m² per shift and the Flortec Renovate service is available for all modular carpets and vinyl products. Whatever your requirement, Flortec are able to provide advice and sampling to assist in establishing the correct product(s) for your workspace in and around the Berkshire, Hampshire and  Surrey area.

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